Choose appropriate shooting clothing

Film photography, need to choose their own clothes, trouwjurken , this is very important, the quality of clothing, directly related to the shooting effect now, I recommended for everybody, shot in the choice of photography clothing principle.

Choose A wedding photos taken clothing principle: marriage gauze selection

A lot of the bride, will be willing to 1-2 sets of shooting a white wedding dress, contracted and dignified, atmospheric luxurious style, these are easy to show the white wedding dress yarn, also is normal and grave photography. If, indoor selected classic wiping a bosom princess skirt, so, when shooting outside the room, you can pick, a splendid trailing. If, has selected bitter fleabane bitter fleabane yarn, so, the other thing can choose fish style, according to his figure, combined with the scene of the shooting, which reflects the different wind case, let the photographs, more rich variety.

Too much flash and dazzling adornment, have less popular, the elegant and delicate dark grain embroidery, bud silk bowknot, hidden in layers of white gauze of window, or is the decorative pattern is first selection. Concise and easy design, more attractive.

Wedding photos taken choice clothing principle B: lovers clothing

Now, a lot of photography is N + 1 model, N is studio, or provide clothing is studio number, the “1”, it is the bride own clothes, and during the filming of the photography, shooting a natural as lovers. Bring their own clothing, the bride to prepare ourselves to sweethearts outfit is in the majority, couple t-shirts jeans, it is right choice, is another kind of shooting style.

Wedding photos taken choice clothing principle C: dress selection

The choice of dress, in addition to cooperate with scene environment, but also of the bride and the figure temperament. The bride was small, can choose is nifty and lovely brief paragraph dress; The bride of angular figure, can choose to cultivate one’s morality dress, show the body curve; The fullness of the bride, can choose fleeciness skirt is placed, if it is, the fullness of the upper part of the bride, can use the adornment such as some shawls.

Wedding photos taken choice clothing principle D: other clothing

In addition to formal wedding gown, dress, you can choose a few fashion, personality of clothing, shooting and others are the same photography.

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