In the wedding photography, you should pay attention to the position

In the wedding photography, you should pay attention to your position, with beautiful pose instead of language, in you experience the wedding, the testimony of a sweet combination, also experience a lot of beautiful photography. Very much photography, you will find that a similar feeling, many wedding studio, trouwjurken,  in the picture taken, can use many types of posture modelling, so, can let you have the feeling of similar, if you want your photography, very special, can I give you some advice.

1, the confidence of the husband and wife posture

This posture, the most commonly used. Props is very simple, a chair, can solve, also can take standing posture; Modelling is very convenient, between a husband and wife appropriate; The movement to be very easy to make, as long as two people smile. Photos of the whole feeling, dignified and easy, both sides of husband and wife confidence, and very has the temperament; Your facial appearance, expression fully revealed, that position, was a lot of the bride and groom’s favorite.

2, the posture of the husband and wife look each other in the eye

Both sides of husband and wife, facing the stand, stare at each other, and show the appearance of love. This posture, the key point is to grasp the look in the eyes, cannot too stiff, show both sides of the friendship, cannot too artificial. Had better let people saw it, they can feel your friendship. If so, you will grasp the bad, can take technology means, to cover the details of the eyes.

3, looking out to pose

Both sides of husband and wife, homonymous stand, take side posture, eyes stare at the front, this kind of posture, can transform Angle, to show both sides of husband and wife the most beautiful side.

4, sweet rely on posture

The bride’s bust, on the groom, shoulders or on arms, show the bride’s charming soft, and the groom brave image.

5, kiss the posture of the cheek

The groom side made, kiss the bride cheeks. Of course, kiss only need to make a action, don’t in here, the damage to the bride of good makeup.

6, sexy girl friend posture

The woman is usually played the winner, the man is through the exaggerated expressions, show the bridegroom bride of love.

7, nostalgic posture

The bride and groom, dressed in ancient palace’s clothing, the photograph also to do old processing. This way, suit to nostalgic amorous feelings of the husband and wife.

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