In the choice of wedding dress, you must not be lost


A lot of the bride, in the selection of wedding dress, there are some errors. These erroneous zone, has been a lot of people found that, as long as you intentions, avoid vacant, must be able to choose to you need to dress.

A: if your upper arm is thick, when you chose to wear A word shoulder, this style of dress, then your choice, is wrong

You need to know, many of us figure, there are a few small defects, a lot of people, to think of ways to make up for, cover, and these defects, but, if you in the right way, are likely to make your defect, the more obvious.

For example, a lot of the bride’s upper arm, this part is thick, this part is a lot of people that reduce weight, the most difficult places, in order to cover this part of the flabby meat, so choose a word shoulder design, at the time, do this effect, will be very bad.

Human’s visual habit, is in what place have things, can see to what place, a word shoulder design, encase the arm in, attracted the line of sight of people. This time, the best way to conceal defects, is the line of sight elsewhere. A word shoulder style of dress, hides you think have meat place, but it will also, because add a layer, and even many layers of cloth, show arm and a much greater. A word shoulder style of dress, in part on the bust is flat, it will arm on either side of the bag up, and will go up from the vision, let, people feel shape is very wide.

So, a word shoulder style of dress, more suitable for upper body smaller bride, in order to prepare your upper arms the bride, must not choice, you can choose to use the modelling of the veil, to improve your own small defects.

More pictures, please click here.

B: if you don’t have a mind of its own, just from professional personnel’s recommendation, do that, you may regret

The wedding in every woman in the heart, it is the most sacred ceremonies, prepare for the wedding of small things, will let the bride upset, but, you choose a, oneself like marriage gauze, this is the most important work, so, a lot of people in the search, flipping through the various web site, magazines, find your favorite marriage gauze, but, the choice for a long time, a lot of the bride will more no idea, this time, a lot of the bride will hope, wedding shop professionals were able to give you the best advice, such doing is wrong.

You have a choice of marriage gauze, you need to think about a lot of elements, the bride’s height, body, temperament, be fond of, you still have a lot to think about factors, such as: the bride gives person’s feeling, the bride hope in the wedding ceremony, show what kind of temperament, the number of people in the wedding, the wedding ceremony, the style of the wedding, the form of wedding, these many factors, we can for the bride, choose a the most appropriate, the perfect marriage gauze, so, in the gown shop bride, need to pass a long communication, in chat of process, the bride shows information, to choose wedding dresses, very helpful.

A lot of the bride, can feel very troublesome, but, you choose to marriage gauze, and we usually buy clothes, is different, you try it on your wedding dress in real time, showed the effect, whether to let you satisfaction, this is the most important.

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